The Kim Group for Structures Research

Our primary research interest includes the development of sustainable structural systems using advanced materials and corresponding analysis. Extensive experimental and computational endeavors have been expended to study the behavior of structural members subjected to physical or environmental loads. Our research bridges the gap between fundamental scientific knowledge and practical engineering application. Specific goal of our research is to understand complex structural responses and material characteristics, resulting in  globally acceptable predictive models.

Professor Yail Jimmy Kim, Ph.D., P.Eng., F.ACI

Dr. Kim is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO, USA, and is President of the Bridge Engineering Institute, An International Technical Society. His research interests encompass advanced composite materials for rehabilitation, structural informatics, complex systems, and science-based structural engineering, including statistical, interfacial, and quantum physics.

Dr. Yail Jimmy Kim, P.Eng., F.ACI

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO 80217, USA

Tel: 303-315-7497, E-mail: